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Launching new ecommerce website

"The times they are a-changin'" said Bob Dylan, and they were, and they still are. We started our store/teaching studio when the internet was relatively young, 2003. Amazon started in 1994,and ebay started in 1995,  google in 1998 and youtube not til 2005. (did you know that if you had bought 1 share of amazon stock in 1997 when it went public it would be worth $63,990.00 dollars as of May 12 2017?) Too late now. I remember that amazon did not make any money at first and for many years operated at a loss.

All of those companies have affected retail in many ways and are still changing the way we do business and buy stuff. Three out of four of these companies have been very useful. ebay opens up a world of buyers for uncommon products and things we could not otherwise sale. Google makes it where people can find us without being on a main road and not having a big easily visible sign.

Youtube is a wonderful teaching tool. I thought it might make private lessons obsolete, but that has not happened. People still like to have direct feedback of a one-on-one music lesson.

Amazon has really shaken up the world of retail. You can buy practically anything and get it within one or two days and not pay shipping or sales tax. Who wouldn't love that? Besides retailers, that is. No doubt about it we are living in a consumer's market and it has never been easier to start up a business because you don't need a store front. You can advertise on facebook, sell on ebay or amazon, enhance your web presence with google and their many tools. It's really kind of awesome and it will (and has) run some stores out of business. We hear almost weekly, "I bought a guitar on amazon and I need lessons", so we look at the bright side. (disclaimer: we may or may not have fixed many an instrument bought on amazon and/or traded it for a better one)

Every 2-3 years we have updated our website to make it more user friendly, or to make it more mobile friendly. We are doing that again! Our new website features ecommerce. So look out Amazon!........not really. We are doing it so you can see in real time what we have to sell in our store.

If you see a guitar on our website you can come in and play it. If you see the reeds or strings you need it means they are in-stock and you can come in and pick them up, or we can ship them to you. 

The times are changing and we are changing with the times, so whether you are into buying online or you like to talk to a knowledgeable sales person we are able to do both now.





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