Dorothy Hershey - Piano, Ukulele




Where and how did you get your start in music?

I began piano lessons at 7 yrs old.  Piano was a hobby as an adult.  


What is your favorite style of music to play/What is your primary instrument?

My primary instrument is piano even though I play guitar and ukulele.  My favorite style is playing pop chord piano.


Who is your favorite composer/musician?

Classical composer is Mozart.  Comtemporary is Andrew Lloyd Webber


What inspired you to teach/what do you enjoy about teaching?

In 2000 I was encouraged to teach piano in a music store, All About Music.  I went through the training and have been enjoying since then.


How do you motivate students to practice?

My students like to earn stickers for their songs.  To get a sticker I have to be able to sing the song!


What are some unique things you do to make a positive impact on students’ musical growth?

I instill in my students that learning and playing a song for someone is a gift to that person.  Everybody appreciates a song being performed for them.  I tell them that they will be playing piano all their lives.  I suggest they 1) are the official Birthday song player, that 2) they can get everybody awake in the morning, and that they should always have a ‘show off’ song ready!!


If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?  

I would want to be a tree that everyone can enjoy.  It has pretty blossoms.  It has delicious fruit to enjoy and it has a lot of shade to enjoy.  I am an apple tree